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How Spitzer Observations are Scheduled

The scheduling process starts with a database full of AORs, a spacecraft engineering plan, and a set of instrument calibration plans. There are three major stages: Long Range Planning (LRP), Scheduling, and Sequencing. Go to the SSC Scheduling Page for an overview.

Spitzer Multi-Year Schedule 2002 - 2008

The nominal start date for Cycle-1 was July 1, 2004 and the nominal end date was May 31, 2005. However, these dates must be flexible to accommodate the actual performance of the observatory, the overall efficiency of telescope operations, and the reservoir of schedulable observations. For planning purposes, investigators may assume that any boundaries have uncertainties of (plus/minus) one month. The SSC has posted charts of the multi-year schedule in HTML and as a PDF file.

Weekly Time-Ordered Listings (TOL)

Spitzer weeks run from Wednesday to Wednesday. The SSC posts new weekly schedules usually on Fridays, but random fluctuations in workload and approval schedule means they might appear on Thursday or Monday instead.

Planned and Executed Observations of SAGE Targets

The status of planned and executed observations of SAGE targets is posted on the Spitzer Archive website. Following this link will lead you directly to our SAGE program.


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